That one other game found too

It seems that I am getting my wish. Another update to a game that I was looking forward to gets announced and…its a delay. Battlefield Heroes was pushed back to later this year into the heap of chaos that is Fall/Winter releases. I can easily see this get pushed into 2009.

That one game found.

Finally, Bionic Commando: Rearmed will be released soon. But what does that say about the PC version which seems to be absent from a particular blog announcing the XBLA and PSN versions.

That one game, where is it?

For a while now I’ve been wondering where some games went. Bionic Commando: Rearmed (PC, 360, PS3) For example, I remember a Bionic Commando supposed to be released sometime this year. While I’m not impatient, they have been hyping this game for a while now and I’m starting to wonder will we ever get to ...

The Fall Of E3 & A New Discovery

So, that was some E3 huh? I’m pretty sure that USA Today and Fox News will be buzzing about the latest Nintendo shovelware that was announced. The traditional market however is not that amused by what happened. Microsoft announced a casual focus including Mii ripoffs called “Avatars”. They have also mentioned a mega dashboard update ...

E3 Once Again

Its that smell again. The heat, sweat and tears of a bunch of gamers shoehorned into one convention center for about a week. A number of games are slated to be announced and a ton more will have demos and videos. My interests however is the rumors of a surprise Nintendo game that is supposed ...