And 2009 is off with a bang

Well I can’t say that I saw anything I’ve seen coming in the new year. Everything now days seem to shock as humanity corners a new low each and every time. But nevermind the Palestinian/Israeli fight #182547 or the guy in California that sold his 14 year old daughter and whatever CNET bloggers are peddling  ...

That one other game found too

It seems that I am getting my wish. Another update to a game that I was looking forward to gets announced and…its a delay. Battlefield Heroes was pushed back to later this year into the heap of chaos that is Fall/Winter releases. I can easily see this get pushed into 2009.

That one game found.

Finally, Bionic Commando: Rearmed will be released soon. But what does that say about the PC version which seems to be absent from a particular blog announcing the XBLA and PSN versions.

E3 Once Again

Its that smell again. The heat, sweat and tears of a bunch of gamers shoehorned into one convention center for about a week. A number of games are slated to be announced and a ton more will have demos and videos. My interests however is the rumors of a surprise Nintendo game that is supposed ...

Effort? (Blog Pains)

Ok, so I keep saying that I will one day keep this thing up to date. I even went through the pain of merging 3 of my blogs to keep attention on one area. Well, despite my abilities I still neglect to update. But now that is over. I will force myself to post atleast ...

More Test Pics

I found that Cardinal that I spotted the other day. It is really one slippery fellow and avidly avoided my attempts at getting in closer for a clearer shot. But it was windy also so that made getting a shot even worse.

Those test pics.

I managed to take some test pics today from my new camera. Tried it on the birds in my backyard. Got some interesting pictures of a Blue Jay that I saw.

Botulism in Castleberry products

I was shocked when one of my favorite brands of hot dog chili makers just got hit by a recall for botulism. And its not just the chili but everything that they make at the Georgia plant. That is a very long list of stuff. I am glad that I leave the stuff on too ...