Azeroth in Peril

After nearly a month, my Gaming legs are back. Back form a RMA, my PC’s motherboard was repaired and everything is right with the world again(well, atleast my world). And just in time, a whole bunch of events are going on in the gaming world. One is the launch of Wrath Of the Lich King. For the last few days, the land of Azeroth has been attacked by zombies. The plague got so bad that it almost instantly turned everyone into the walking dead. On the Guild Wars side, Mad King Thorn has returned with his usual antics. Promising goodies and grief along the way. The only thing that is usually different is the type of seasonal hat he has to give out this time around.

Also on the way is Left 4 Dead. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time now. Everything I hear about it seems to be very awesome. Even those who have played it, loved it. And it releases the same week as Wrath. How’s that for splitting your time in gaming. I also plan to pick up Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia for the DS whenever I get a chance.