Chill of an ominous wind

And no its not President Obama, haters.

Two of my most anticipated games are going to be released nearly back to back.
The first of which are….Castlevania! (No, I kid.) The first is actually World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Its a mouthful for sure but its the second expansion in the MMO’s history and brings a lot of new and interesting things to the table. First of all, it revamps the entire game. No kidding. Each class got a retooling, some more aggressive than others. A lot of convenience additions that save bag space. Mounts galore(my favorite is The Hog), 10 more levels to grind, more dungeons, a new Death Knight class, and an entire new continent to explore. PvPers get new arenas and a world battleground. The client was retooled and offers performance enhancements, dynamic shadows, a larger drawing distance and supposedly better water(it looks the same to me). I can’t wait to play this on the 13th of this week!

The second most anticipated(and very much equal in my eyes) game is Left 4 Dead. This 4 player Co-Op mega game is about 4 survivors that have to shoot, explode, punch and burn their way to safety from a legion of zombies that infest the populated areas of the land. These aren’t your mom’s Resident Evil zombies. These are very fast, very lethal, very smart and overwhelming zombies. They pop out from any and every crack that’s bigger than a human person.

The demo was released this week and gave a very AWESOME insight into the gameplay mechanics and Co-Op dynamics. First of all, no Rambos or douchebags or you will be overwhelmed in no time from the lack of cooperation. Second of all, this plays like a Source game. That means it will feel very familiar if you played Half Life 2 or Team Fortress 2.  You are given a pistol and one other weapon, whether if its an Uzi or Shotgun, and a one time use First Aid Kit at the start. From there, you are sent to get from point A to point B without getting sodomized by undead. During the course of the game, they eventually grant you rest time in the form of a Check Point. The Check Point usually has ammo, first aid or weapon upgrades like an Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Automatic Shotgun and extra Pistols. Pistols themselves have unlimited ammo and can be dual wielded (It comes in handy).

In addition to the 4 Survivors, there are 4 types of PLAYABLE Zombies. The regular dime a dozen zombie, The Hunter (Which is VERY Fast and Spider-Man like), The Smoker (which snares with a long tongue) and the Tanker (which should be obvious). These 4 spawn at anytime in addition to the Boomer and The Witch which hasn’t been confirmed as playable yet. The plan for the playable zombies is to give your fellow players on the Survivor team a run for their money (like the AI wasn’t smart enough?). Did I mention that the AI is pretty damn smart and cruel? It learns from your success, and if you succeed a little too much then it will attempt to raise the difficulty on you. The game also has a single player mode so if you rather not play with others, then the 3 AI controlled characters will then become your backup. I can’t wait for the release on the 18th!

And the reason for the Castlevania riff? Its supposed to be IN THE MAIL DAMMIT! USPS is sloooow. Anyway, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the latest in the Metroidvania DS series was released sometime last month(I think). It took me this long to buy it since well, its Gameageddon. Too many games got released this month.