Gustav Break & More Games [Wallet Pains]

So by now, Spore should be ready to go for many people on Sunday. The previous Sunday, I was in Houston after a near 8 hour drive from my home town in Louisiana because of Hurricane Gustav. The great thing about that was I got to see my family in Houston and then come back to my home still in one piece. There were a ton of tree damage throughout the area and raised a concern of mine. A LOT of those trees were diseased and rotting. I don’t know if its because they are simply old or because something changed in the atmosphere here that caused them to slowly die out.

But now that I am back home I am just in time for Spore which seems to be getting a lot of mixed reviews from enthusiast press. Even more mixed is Stalker: Clear Sky which some of the press says “more of the same, but buggier“. I have no idea because I never played the first Stalker. And right behind it is the sequel of the king of render, Crysis: Warhead. This one I am looking forward to because I played the first one and it was great. Not too far behind IT is Warhammer Online which just looks like World Of Warcraft but “serious“. I haven’t even begin to find out about the Nintendo DS games and others coming out this month. And its only going to get worse.

Fall season for games makes my wallet ache.