And 2009 is off with a bang

Well I can’t say that I saw anything I’ve seen coming in the new year. Everything now days seem to shock as humanity corners a new low each and every time. But nevermind the Palestinian/Israeli fight #182547 or the guy in California that sold his 14 year old daughter and whatever CNET bloggers are peddling  for clicks. EGM just died.

Yep. EGM, the most famous of all gaming magazines died of Cadillac unrest(that’s right, not heart failure). Ziff Davis, its former owners needed the monies. Its no secret that the print industry is dying a slow death due to easier means to get information…yes, the internet. A few days ago, the Ziffers let go 40 people from its staff before handing over the ownership of to With half the staff, has to move forward as a shell of its former greatness. The overlords at UGO promised that they wouldn’t interfere with 1up operations, but we all know how mergers/buyouts work. Eventually, they will start poking at the scab and reopen the wound. Unfortunately, Ziff gets to keep FileFront which is one of my favorite download places and works well. Not sure for how long though since Ziff is liquidating.